Unice & Ida Have Puppies!

Mayhem ensued on the 4th in the Tannahill household  Unice produced her first puppy with no fuss at midday and finished at 4 pm 8 tricoloured puppy all a good weight 5 bitches and 3 dogs .  All doing well and nicely settled in the kitchen 6 pm Ida decided not to be outdone and took up residence in the tv room struggled for a while and clearly had a bit of inertia so off to the Vets where she failed to respond to oxytocin and had a section she was very full of pups and unable to contract well. 8 tri coloured pups (again) 4 dogs and 4 bitches again all doing well . Ida and Unice meet in no mans land on their way out to the garden ,have a chat and compare notes Unice has done this before so keeping Ida right !!!
Guess I’m going to busy for the next 8 weeks